Thank you! 

Gradautes 2015Well it’s been over a week since the opening of this years BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology Degree Show and the feedback and comments about the exhibition, the quality of the work and standard of models has been immense.
I’ve been in the exhibition myself everyday and spoken to lots of people about the course, why and how students work the way they do, their output and overall understanding of the construction process and importance of detailing – and this clearly comes across in this year Show.

But as the final year students can testify, to put such an exhibition together takes time, commitment and most importantly teamwork. And it’s for the teamwork I need to say a big thank you to many people

To the AT alumni for their moral support and encouragement. Not only for coming to see the work, but their continued input in the course either as Twitter-critter reviewers, alumni guest speakers or as mentors for the undergraduates. They give the course currency and are proof that hard work and determination does pay off.


To the practitioners – for giving up their time and passing on their knowledge and expertise to the younger generation of designer.

To the Administrators, without them, food and materials would not be ordered.

The technical support- the technicians in the workshop for their patiences and guidances

To Kuba and Dan for ensuring there was music

To John for the lights

To Dominic for the photos, James S for manning the bar, Amelia for guiding people to the show.

And finally for Ben and Lynne – thank you for putting up with me and the stress I bring into the office!


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