Article for the CIAT student magazine ASPIRATION

Dear all,

Please read the article below and anyone wanting to write or co-write something with either a collegue or with me then get in touch – I think you all have a lot to say on the topics and now its your turn to support and encourage the next generation of AT students. It wont take up more then 20 mins of your time!

Here it the last issue (for those that have not yet read it!)

Issue 4 spring-summer 2015


Dear all

I would like to inform you that articles are now being accepted for issue 5 of CIAT’s student magazine, the deadline is 20 October 2015 (but we can be flexible).

I would be grateful if you could inform your students and recent graduates of this opportunity to submit their work for publishing.

Students are encouraged to write about anything that they feel is relevant and industry-related. Articles do not need to be long , 400-500 words with appropriate pictures will suffice. Some areas to focus on can include:

• their experiences on placements/during part-time work
• how they have worked on assignments
• how they have applied their problem-solving skills to an assignment/project
• finding work/placement
• working as an Architectural Technologist after graduating

We are also hoping to receive articles on Inclusive Design (from students and/or staff)

Programme leaders are also encouraged to write articles for the magazine, we have had some fantastic articles submitted from Southampton Solent, London South Bank University and also Robert Gordon University which were featured in the summer issue

Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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