Degree Show 2015 #ATatUCLan15

Building the Fabric –

The Architectural Technology Degree Show at UCLan 2015

The fabric of the buildings is multi functional, it keeps us warm and dry, it keeps us safe and protects us. It is designed to be understood and to be read to help us navigate our surroundings. It becomes an element of the urban or rural landscape, public and open to the elements whilst the interior face is private, protecting and often personalised.

Through the details, models, sections and images of the final year Architectural Technology students this notion has been extensively questioned and explored this year and this has highlighted that the performance of the fabric is key to the overall success of the whole building

The Architectural Technology Degree Show is just one of the many shows that are part of the UCLan Creative Festival. The large presentation banners that make up the show are only a fraction of their overall work, in many cases there has been a huge editing process to show a whole years work on one banner.

When I started as the course leader the idea of that the B.Sc. (Hons) Architectural Technology programme should put together a show of their work was unheard of, but over the years each cohort has embraced the challenge, project managed the process and not only produced exceptional work, but well curated shows and this year was no exception – this year they also designed and built a bar, the frames for their work, a lighting scheme for the corridors and their own brand and marketing identify.







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