Articles for the Aspiration Magazine CIAT


I got this this morning from the CIAT – if anyone is interested in putting something together or has an idea then please get in touch with me. Thanks

Dear Programme Leaders

I hope this finds you well

This is a gentle reminder that we are accepting articles for issue 8 of the student magazine.

The next issue will be a student awards special, so if any of you would like to write an article about how you prepare your students for the awards that would be great.

If any of your students want to get involved they can write about anything relevant to Architectural Technology, whether it’s about their programme, the industry or membership.
Articles should be 400-500 words approx with appropriate pictures 300 dpi or higher.
Areas to focus on include:
• Experiences on placements/during part-time work
• Assignments you/they have worked on
• How they have applied problem-solving skills to an assignment/project
• Insight into thier work
• Working as an Architectural Technology professional after graduating
• What inspires them
They can also submit high quality pictures for the front cover of the next issue. These can be pictures of projects they are working on, buildings they find inspiring, etc. They must be at least 300 dpi.
Writing articles counts towards required CPD as well.
Please inform your students.
Articles are accepted all year round and may be included in future issues.
Send articles and pictures directly to me.

Many thanks


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